More Shit for Troika!


There are 3-5 factions. The GM makes them up based on their world. Each character belongs to one. When you would take Experience from a member of a faction, mark that faction. When you’ve marked all factions, erase the marks and advance.


Each character has a Lure. When someone achieves your lure, they take Experience from you.

Sample Lures

  • Make a promise to me.
  • Help me cope with my trauma.
  • Help me achieve my Hunger.
  • Suffer due to my machinations.
  • Fall in love with me.
  • Join my gang.
  • Have sex with me.
  • Suffer due to my bad temper.
  • Earn my ire.
  • Invite me to use my gifts on you.
  • Offer me a new job.
  • Get hooked on my stuff.
  • Come to me when you need something fixed.
  • Rely on me when you’re in trouble.
  • Participate in a ritual of mine.
  • Give me an opportunity to prove myself.
  • Tell me a secret that gives me leverage over you.
  • Rely on me to mediate a dispute.
  • Follow my advice.


All of these may be taken multiple times.

  • Gain 1 Stamina. (max. 24)
  • Gain 1 Luck (max. 12)
  • Take a new Knack. (Choose an Advanced Skill. You have Advantage (3d6 take highest 2) when rolling that Advanced Skill.)
  • Take a new Special from any Background.